Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Classroom Language

Asking for something
Can I have a pen, please?
Do you have a pen for me?
May I have a pen, please?
May I borrow your pen?

Excuse me.
I’m sorry.
Sorry about that.
Sorry I’m late.

Asking about meanings of words
What does bbbbbbbbbbbb mean?
What’s the Bahasa for bbbbb?
What does the word bbbbbbbbb mean?
How do you say bbbbbbbb in English/Bahasa?
How do you spell the word bbbbb?
How do you spell bbbbbbbbb?
How do you pronounce the word bbbbb?
How do you pronounce bbbbbbbbbbb?
What’s the past/past perfect for bbb?

Asking for help
I don’t understand.
Can you help me, please?
Is this right/correct?
Is this wrong/incorrect?
Is this true or false?
Can you say it again, please?
Can you repeat it, please?
Can you play it again, please?

Could/can you repeat that, please?
Can you say that again, please?

Saying hello and goodbye
Good morning/afternoon/evening/night.
Have a good weekend/day/night/holiday/time/game.
Goodbye/chow/see you.

Checking answers
What did you get/put/write for number (X)?
How did you answer number (XX)?
I agree.
I don’t agree.
What do you think?
I think that’s right.
I think that’s wrong.
Let’s ask the teacher.
Is this correct?
Is this right?

I don’t know.
Is this right?
Is this correct?
Is this ok?

Thank you. That was a very interesting lesson.

Well done!

Line up.
Move the tables and chairs.
Clean the blackboard.
Open the door/window.
Close the door/window.
Switch on/off/the light/air con.
Stand up.
Sit down.
Open/close your books.
Answer the questions.
Write the answers.
Work alone/in pairs/in groups.
Ask you partner these questions………
Answer your partner’s questions.
Listen and repeat.
Make the question.
Find the answer/meaning.
Listen to the tape and answer these questions.
Copy this into your notebooks.
The homework/exercise is on page ………………

Asking for clarification or more details
What exactly do we have to do?
And what about………….?
What do you mean?
Really? Why?
What do you think?
I didn’t hear what you said.
I didn’t get you.
I didn’t understand.
I don’t understand.
So then what happened?
What are we supposed to do?
What are we supposed to be doing?

Conversation fillers
You know, ……………….
You see, …………..
Do you know what I mean?
I mean, …………
Actually, ………………….
Responding to conversations Yes, I guess so.
No, I guess not.
Oh, that’s great.
Oh, that’s awful/terrible.
Really? That’s interesting.
You’re kidding!
You’re having me on!
You’re pulling my leg!
Pull the other one!

Sharing information
Who’s going to start/begin?
Which role are you going to take?
Age before beauty.
Beauty before the beast.
The dirt before the brush.
Whose turn is it?
I think we’ve finished. What should we do now/next?
You start.
Let’s start.
I’ll be ………… You be ……………..
It’s my turn.
It’s your turn.
Stop cheating!