Sunday, April 29, 2007

Remedial CALL Syllabus for Grammar

Remedial CALL Syllabus for Grammar

There are many sites on the Internet that help students to learn English. The links below are only some of the ones that you can access if you want to study a particular grammar point. Save them as favourites and you will be able to access them again quickly. As you work through your course book, you will discover points that you need to practise.

1 Parts of speech

2 Sentence construction

3 Grammar/Games

4 Agreement

5 Be

6 Have/have got

7 Nouns

8 Verbs

9 Determiners

10 Pronouns

11 Present simple Active/Passive

12 Past simple Active /Passive

13 Passives

14 Irregular verbs

15 Present perfect with for and since

16 Present and past perfect

17 Verbs

18 Participles

19 Articles

20 Phrasal verbs

21 Adjectives - Comparatives/Superlatives

22 Adverbs

23 Prepositions

24 Modals

25 Idioms

26 Irregular plurals

27 Practice TOEFL tests

28 Vocabulary

See separate list

29 Quantifiers

30 Grammar exercises

31 Grammar quizzes

32 Verb exercises


33 Grammar rules
Grammar rules and writing style, listed alphabetically
Grammar and structure explanations with quizzes