Friday, October 20, 2006

Links for Science and Maths


Some of these links are listed in and, both of which have other links for science, maths, CALL and English language learning.

1 Pronunciation of science and maths’ terms

2 Websites for maths

3 Chemistry terms and vocabulary

4 Pronunciation of scientific terms
Talking glossary of genetic terms
Maths and science

5 Sample questions for science

6 Questioning techniques

7 Grammar

8 URLS for maths’ projects

9 URLs for science projects

10 Poems for maths

11 Websites for children

12 Dictionary for scientific terms

13 Teaching materials for science
Science fair

14 Computer assisted language learning

15 Maths’ jokes

16 Games for science

17 Science activities,1120,1-11420,00.html?wtlAC=FE_Grades_3-5_2005-05-17,email-h

18 Geology/earth sciences

19 Science for under 11s

20 Bad science

21 Astronomy

22 Physics
Physics in movies
Cutting edge physics

23 Graphic organisers

24 How everything works

25 Lesson plans for maths and science
Lesson plans for maths and science
Lesson plans for maths and science
Lesson plans for maths and science
Biology, chemistry, physics

26 Lesson plans
Links to other sites
Links to other sites

27 Blogging

28 Readings for science

29 Maths, science, technology
Research and science in Europe
Projects for science across the world
Space science

30 Games for maths

31 Phonetics and phonology
Phonetics and phonology course
Phonetics’ course

32 Online dictionaries

33 Links for ESP

34 Charts, graphs, diagrams

35 History of maths

36 Clipart

37 Webquests

38 Workshops for maths

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