Thursday, September 14, 2006

Links for Writing and Presenting

1 Abstracts

2 Asking Questions

3 Bibliography

4 Blogging

5 Critical Thinking/Judgments

6 Critiques

7 Drawing Flowcharts, Networks, Forms, Floor Plans, Time Lines, Presentations etc

8 E-portfolios
Includes e-magazines, blogs, homepages, presentations, and/or research essays that are displayed in

9 Evaluating Critiques

10 Evaluating Essays

11 Evaluating Group Work
Evaluating oral performances, portfolios and presentations
Group presentation evaluation

12 Evaluating Presentations

13 Groups

14 Homepage Building

15 Interviews

16 Library Skills

17 Links

Report writing links
Links for majors

18 Marking Schemes

19 Meetings
Checklist for conducting meetings

20 Memo Reports
Recommendation, justification, progress, periodic, & survey reports

21 Minutes

22 Online Diary

23 Online Newspaper

24 Outlining

25 Paraphrasing

26 PowerPoint
Teaching writing
Tutorial for PowerPoint

27 Presentations
Great links

28 Projects
Ideas for projects
Examples of webquests

29 Publishing Your Work

Use to make your own blog, where you can publish your work.

30 Punctuation

31 Questionnaires & Surveys

32 Quoting
Detailed information in 162 CALL Project

33 Report Writing - Low Level

34 Report Writing - Higher

Understanding the sections of your report/General technical guidelines
Information about report writing
Simple research paper
Writing a scientific report
Solving problems with the scientific method

35 Report Writing - Advanced
Information about student project reports
Technical reports
Writing technical reports
Science reports

36 Research Essays
Craft of scientific writing

You will find information about research essays in, in the 162 section

37 Scientific Method

38 Style
List of links
List of links

39 Summaries

40 Webquests
Great ideas for webquests
Examples of webquests

41 Websearching

42 Writing Skills/Grammar
Links for writing